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Nice to meet you!

I'm Emma Wojtas

I'm a Canadian raised Kiwi, border collie dog momma, and I have a Penny and Leonard Big Bang Theory story with my husband, Dave. I love health and fitness, and all things business and it's a combination of those three things that started me on this journey.

It needs to be said that I never thought I'd be an entrepreneur. It wasn't until I found myself trapped under a glass ceiling (you know the one?!) that I started thinking otherwise. I was working as a Corporate Accountant in possibly the most male dominated industry in the world. On paper it looked like I had my life sorted, but I attached who I was to what I did and the things I learned to be good at, rather than following what lit me up and I knew there was SO much more of me that was not being used. I was looking for something deeper, and that voice in my head just kept getting louder, and louder and LOUDER. I was looking for my people, people who weren't willing to settle for an average life that someone else says they can have. I was also looking for a community where I could learn the skills to move past anything that was holding me back, so that I could show others how to do the same; better yet we could do it TOGETHER.


After a long search, and a significant amount of wine over a lot of surface small talk, I realized I had to create what I wish existed and I got to work. I'm a modern day Social Marketer HYPED UP about teaching people to build a brand for themselves FIRST, alongside a business opportunity and that's how the Live Boldly Life was born. 



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